In the near future a fortified border known as “the Line” separates a prosperous European capital city from surrounding shantytowns full of immigrants and refugees.

In search of a better life, 16-year-old Tom stows away in a truckload of other hopeful migrants. But when rival people traffickers attack their vehicle, many are killed and Tom is forced to flee and fend for himself. Alone and living rough in the badlands that surround the city, Tom is befriended by two teenaged street kids – Sham and his younger sister Micky – only to have Sham ‘sell’ him to a local gang lord called Mother Shelly, a woman whose demure surface conceals a vicious temper.

One night, when Tom tries to escape from Mother Shelly’s territory, he stumbles upon a baby and the dying gangster who kidnapped her. Tom takes the baby – thinking it could be his way to finally get across the Line and find what remains of this family.

For such a dangerous venture Tom needs the street-smart Sham and Micky. Together they embark upon a hazardous journey through a no-man’sland, where they can trust no-one, pursued by corrupt cops and ruthless street gangs, all wanting the baby, and the ransom she will bring, for themselves.

In the intense days that follow, Tom and Micky grow closer…much to the anger of Micky’s unpredictable brother. Sham can be hot-headed and violent, and while these are traits that might help him prosper on the tough streets they put Tom and Micky at risk when he realizes they’re falling in love.

Amidst constant threat and mounting tension the three young people begin to realize how much they have come to depend on each other. And when it comes to it they are ready to die for each other.

* * *