LOGLINE: The future is a dangerous place.

CONCEPT: CROSSING 23 is a near future young adult crime story. It is a dramatic tale of young people fighting for a better life in a chillingly possible future. Filmed in two different countries on carefully selected locations to create the near future setting. It will be international, multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-lingual world; and the cast will reflect that.

DIRECTOR: Harley Cokeliss (An Angel for May, Inferno, The Ruby Ring)

WRITER: Peter Milligan (An Angel for May, Inferno, The Darkening)

BASED ON: The Baby and Fly Pie, a novel by Melvin Burgess

TARGET AUDIENCE: The film will play across the full audience range, and especially strongly with the crucial 15 to 35 demographic.

PRODUCERS: Colin Pons & Harley Cokeliss (UK) / Don Schneider (USA) Lennart Strom (Sweden) Rudi Teichmann (Germany)

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Barzo / Studio of the North Productions Ltd / Tailor Made Movies/ Auto Images AB / BT Films GmbH

DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT: EU Media Programme, Film i Skane, Screen Yorkshire, IMI

BUDGET: € 4.5 Million

FILMING LOCATIONS: Leipzig, Hamburg, Malmo, Ystaad (studio)

FUNDERS: Filmfund Hamburg, MDM, DFFF, Film I Skane, Film I Vast, SVT

START DATE: November 2012

CASTING:  Our hero, Tom, is 17 years old, so is Mickey, the girl he meets in the badlands; the older boy, Sham, is about 20 years old. For our leads we would be looking for strong young actors who have already established some recognition with our core audience.

We have the opportunity to cast significant actors from the coproducing countries and beyond for the older parts. Favoured cast includes Ray Winstone, Michael Nykvist, Peter Stormare, Idris Elba, Skellan Skarsgaard, Saorise Ronan, Eva Green, Tilda Swinton